If you want cash for your Vegas home, here’s what you need to know before you start looking for a cash buyer.

What is an all-cash sale?

Selling your home for cash doesn’t mean men in black will show up at your door with suitcases filled with cash. A cash purchase simply means the buyer is purchasing the home without financing. The buyer will make the payment electronically or with a cashier’s check. It’s actually illegal to purchase a property in the U.S. with actual cash. Here are a few reasons why homeowners accept a cash offer.

Quicker Process

An all-cash home sale is less likely to have roadblocks causing delays in closing. Non-cash buyers may struggle to obtain a loan, or they may back out of the deal at the last minute. When this happens, sellers will have to start the process all over again — after spending weeks waiting for the buyer to do their part. Homeowners may accept a cash offer if they’ve gone through a divorce or recently got a job offer that requires relocating. In these instances, selling the home quickly is critical. Homeowners can’t wait two months for a sale that isn’t guaranteed. If you want cash for your Vegas home, then give Fast Free Home Offer a call and sell your home fast! When you sell for cash, the process is simple. After you provide property details, we will price your home and make a firm cash offer. Once the closing costs have been paid, your property is sold — fast!


Homeowners who decide to put their house up on the market will need to make repairs and sometimes even costly upgrades to make the home appealing to non-cash buyers. Cash buyers, on the other hand, regularly make offers for fixer-uppers and are happy to handle repairs themselves. This means homeowners can focus on finding a new place to live, without worrying about cleaning their home and spending hundreds of dollars on repairs and upgrades.

Skip the Marketing and Open House Events

Homeowners open to a cash offer means they don’t have to worry about keeping their home clean 24/7. This is because cash buyers don’t expect the home to be in tip-top condition and routinely make offers for homes in their current condition.

Move Quickly

Unlike non-cash home sales, an all-cash sale can close in just a few weeks. This means homeowners can move to their next home in as little as one month after deciding to sell. Make the smart choice and get cash for your Vegas home — call Fast Free Home Offer today for a competitive cash offer!

Skip the Negotiating Table

Cash buyers make firm offers, which means homeowners won’t have to waste time at the negotiating table. When a cash offer is made, sellers either accept on the spot or look for a better offer.

Save on Commission Fees

Real estate agents take a good chunk out of a home’s selling price. This can be especially painful if you’re selling the home during poor market conditions. Accept a cash offer and cut out the middleman to get what you deserve for your home.

If you want cash for your Vegas home, give Fast Free Home Offer a call!