There’s one simple way to sell your home fast in Las Vegas: for cash.

What is an all-cash sale?

When someone says they want to buy your home for cash, you might imagine men in black showing up at your door with suitcases filled with cash. But actually, a cash purchase simply means the buyer is purchasing the home without financing. The payment is made electronically or with a cashier’s check — it’s illegal to close a real estate deal in the U.S. with actual cash. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a cash offer.

Don’t pay for repairs.

When you sell to Fast Free Home Offer, we take care of the repairs so that you can focus on other priorities. We will purchase the home “as is” and address the code violations or permit issues if you’ve not kept up with the required upgrades.

Get rid of bad tenants.

If you’ve had a bad experience with horrible tenants, then you’re probably desperate to get rid of them and the problem property. When you sell your home to Fast Free Home Offer, we’ll make sure the selling process is quick and hassle-free so you can move on.


Less risk.

Selling for cash means selling to a buyer who is serious about making the purchase and less likely to back out at the last minute, or fail to obtain financing — because they don’t need a loan. Accepting a cash offer is less risky and pretty straightforward. All-cash home sales are simpler and don’t take anywhere near as long as non-cash sales.

Less stress.

Prepping your home for the market can be stressful. You may need to take care of repairs and make costly upgrades to make the home more appealing to non-cash buyers. Cash buyers, on the other hand, don’t mind purchasing a fixer-upper and will take care of repairs themselves. This means you can focus on finding a new place to live, without worrying about checking off items on a long to-do list for your current home.

Skip the marketing and open house events.

Selling your home for cash means you don’t have to worry about keeping your home clean 24/7. Cash buyers don’t expect your home to be in tip-top condition and routinely make offers for homes in their current condition.

Move quickly.

A cash sale can close in just a few weeks, which means you can move to your next home as soon as you’d like. Sell your home fast in Las Vegas — for cash — and don’t let poor market conditions keep you waiting.

Skip the negotiating table.

A cash offer is firm, which means you don’t need to haggle with non-cash buyers looking for ways to justify a low offer. When you receive a cash offer, you accept on the spot and move on to the next step.

Save on commission fees.

A real estate agent can take a good chunk out of your home’s selling price. When selling your home for cash, you can cut out the middleman and get what you deserve for your home.

If you’re ready to sell your home fast in Las Vegas, give Fast Free Home Offer a call!