If you’re looking to sell your house for cash in Las Vegas, you’ll likely come across many cash buyers promising you top dollar. But do you know how to distinguish legitimate cash buyers from scammers? Here are a few signs of scammers you should be on the lookout for when selling your home for cash.

Foreign buyer.

A foreign buyer may send you an email explaining why they want to move to the U.S. and why they would like to buy your property without taking a look at it — for cash. The buyer may offer to send you a cashier check and request that you hire an attorney to handle the transaction. However, after you’ve received some information from the buyer they will try to rush the transaction without even asking any questions about the property.

Unavailable buyer.

This type of scammer can’t make in-person phone calls (as this would risk being found out) and asks you to contact an attorney on their behalf. You could end up sharing highly personal information and incurring expenses for a scam transaction.

Financially “transparent” buyer.

Any buyer that sends detailed financial information to a complete stranger over email is obviously trying to appear honest and transparent. They might attach a bank statement and include a ton of contact information (that is likely fake) to get you to trust them. If you’re trying to sell your house for cash in Las Vegas, stay away from a buyer who shares highly sensitive information over email without first meeting you in person or at least having a phone call with you.

Eager buyer.

An overly eager buyer who brings up payment methods before you even ask is likely a scammer. If they start asking for your lawyer’s account information, then be sure to run in the opposite direction!

Payment mistake.

A common scam is to send too much money “by mistake.” These scammers might make up a reason for why you need to send a refund through a wire transfer as soon as you receive the deposit. And once you do, and the check clears, you’ll find out the check was a forgery. At that point, you’ll still be responsible for the funds you transferred to the scammer. The amount can be as high as thousands of dollars — so look out for this scam!

Lack of references.

A serious investor should be able to give you contact information for people they’ve bought houses from, as well as a list of properties. Review courthouse records to see if they actually purchased the property.

Lack of funds.

Many scammers simply don’t have the funds to buy a house for cash. One easy way to identify a scammer is to ask for their bank information and to call the bank directly to verify their information. But don’t call the number they give you — do an Internet search to find the bank’s phone number.

If you’re ready to sell your house for cash in Las Vegas — to a legitimate buyer — call Fast Free Home Offer today!