How Fast Is a Fast Cash Offer? The Fast Cash Offer Timeline

When you need to sell your house fast for cash, you want to make sure that everything fits your

timeline. Maybe you have an extra property that you are tired of dealing with. Or perhaps you

need cash to pay for unexpected expenses like medical bills. Or maybe you are moving and need

to sell your house quickly before you do.

No matter the reason, you need to sell your house fast for cash in Las Vegas. Then, you have to

know exactly how long it will take and what the various steps are.

Get the Offer and Accept It

The first step in the process is letting our Las Vegas home buyers know that you want to sell your

home. We will get some information on your home. You don’t even have to worry about

inspections or appraisals. The entire process can be done remotely.

Think about our offer and whether it appeals to you. Our team is always fair and honest, but we

will reduce our offer to account for the needed repairs. But our experience means that we know

how to keep those repair costs low, giving you more money in your pocket.

Let us know if you decide to accept the offer, and we’ll get the ball rolling on the process.

Fund Verification

For your own safety, there will be a quick fund verification. This simply gives you the peace of

mind to confirm that we have the funds to make our offer, and you aren’t wasting your time. In a

normal cash offer process, this can take 24 to 48 hours. Our team knows how to streamline the

process and keep it as quick as possible, thanks to our experience and connections.

Setting up the Escrow and Checking the Title

Once completing the formality of confirming our funds, we move our offer into an escrow

account. This means that neither party (you or us) can access it.

During this time, we will confirm that the title of your home is clean. We just need to legally

confirm that your property does not have any title problems that could get in the way of a sale.

This process usually takes around three days.

Sometimes an Inspection or Appraisal – But Not With Us

Depending on the Las Vegas cash home buyers you find, you may also have to account for an

inspection or an appraisal. These inspections are typically a formality to confirm the details you

gave. Think of it as a way for the buyer to confirm they made an appropriate offer.

At Fast Free Home Offers, we know that you want to sell your house fast and that inspections

and appraisals slow down the process. Therefore, we skip this step. Our experience, theinformation we ask for, and our research on the title are more than enough for us to be confident

in our decision to buy your home.

The Closing

The final step when you sell your house fast for cash in Las Vegas is the closing process. This

involves signing all the relevant paperwork. Overall, the process typically takes about an hour.

After we have the title, the escrow funds will be released, and you will have your cash.

The Timeline at Fast Free Home Offer

When you choose to work with Fast Free Home Offer, our Las Vegas cash home buyers have the

experience necessary to complete the entire process incredibly quick. In fact, we can typically

have the cash in your hands and the home sale complete in about seven days. If you need more

time, that’s fine. You control the timeline. We let you sell your house fast or at the speed you


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